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Special Events, Futuristic Theme, Large High Powered Outdoor Laser equipment  for rental / hire in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Worldwide.

For your next event, if you are looking to give your guest a once in life time experience they have not experienced before, then our Lasers are the way to go. More than 99% of the expert in the event industry have not seen the extensive capabilities of a 3D multicolour laser light show for futuristic themed annual dinners & events, what more the general public.

Lasers has made leaps and bounds in their progress of applications in the light show & advertising industry. We have laser beams travelling for miles / kilo meters, project 3D images on clouds a mile high, create 3D hologram projections floating in midair, projecting 3D holographic animation from a VIP's hand, drawing out a VIP's signature, Laser creating 3D multicolour atmospheric effects  and yes, lasers have come a long way. 

Our designers, programmers and crew can draw on decades of experience in conceptualising, creating and executing lasers in advertising for a large range of creative clients and trying to meet their needs, not forgetting working with many different venues & situations. 

We have the capability of creating state of the art 3D laser animations for Dramas, Documentaries, Product Launches, Commercials, Special Events, Laser Light shows, 360 degrees outdoor projection coverage, etc. 


The Magic of Lasers: 

We have been meeting up with the need of the event & advertising industry to use lasers in a more creative way and we have recorded some of our works. 
This video will give you a better understanding on how far the laser technology has come & how amazing this light form is. With the right laser, you will experience something you have never experienced before.
We have the state of the art 3D Backdrops, capable of producing virtual 3D images without the use of 3D glasses. For the first time, images actually 'leave' the screen giving you depth which was never possible. Great for Launches, Award Ceremonies, Weddings, etc. This certainly has the "WOW" factor in it.
Click for video.


Sky Advertising : Inclusive of Laser content, 4 hrs projection Time  & 1 day rental  

Medium: RM 20,000 - 500meters range

Large:     RM 25,000  1 kilometers range

 Something new to "Catch The Eye".                                                                                                                                     This is the latest technology in large laser image projection in the advertising & event industry.                                                   Lasers for Special Events, Advertising, Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals, Event Openings, Sport Events and many more – Large scale, high powered outdoor laser projections are surely a consideration.


Laser Sky Projector
MNS logo in the sky
Astro logo projected on clouds
Laser Advertising on mountains
400ft size laser images
laser projected on far away buildings
laser projected on tall buildings


3D Multicolour Laser Launch Gimmick for  Rent 

From RM 6,500

This video will give you an idea on how lasers could be used able to project your company logo, tag line, messages & creating approiate animations to give your launch the actual branding it needs.

Click for video.

A Wedding Laser Presentation for Hire 
From RM 6,000
Click for video.
3D Laser Enclosure: From RM 10,000
Lasers creating static 3D enclosures for small & large audience. In a split second, it can create 3D Triangle, tunnels, beams creating a circle & countless other multicoloured designs. Truly an "out of this world experience" for your guest.
This is a perfect inclusion for weddings & special events as it brings out the MAGIC in the evening.
3D Laser Ambience
3D Laser enclosure
3D Laser Cone
Laser creating an enclosure

Large Scale Outdoor Multicolour Laser Projections: From RM 10,000
Outdoor laser systems can project beams  for kilometers depending on the power of the laser system. Ideal for building launches & special events
High Powered Outdoor Lasers
High powered outdoor lasers
Indoor & Outdoor Water Screens: From RM 28,000
Lasers projected on water screen
Malasia's 50th Independence Celebration
Click for video.
Laser Dancer: From RM 6,000
Click for video.
Multicolored Stars laser  Effect: From RM2,000- 4 units 
Hundreds of Stars projected on the walls & ceiling. Comes in 7 colours
Ideal for Futuristic Themes, Weddings, Annual Dinners, Launches, etc
Laser Tunnel/Entrance:  Rm4,000 
Imagine walking into a ballroom with laser beams as your ceiling & your walls. It can be used as at the "entrance into the ballroom" effect. 
Comes in Blue, Green & Red colours

Ideal for Futuristic Themes, Weddings, Annual Dinners, Launches, etc
Laser Ceiling: From Rm2,000 - 4 units
Imagine walking into a ballroom with laser beams as your ceiling. It can also be used at the "entrance into the ballroom" effect. 
Comes in Blue, Green & Red colours

Ideal for Futuristic Themes, Weddings, Annual Dinners, Launches, etc

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