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Your one stop event equipment for rent in KL & around Malaysia
3D Backdrops: New
Ideal for Launches, Weddings, etc
From RM 20,000
2. Led Screens: RM 9,500 for 9ft x 16 ft P3    RM 6,000- 10ft x 14ft - P5
led screen backdrops
led screen  to cover the stage backdrop
3. Ambience + Decorative  Lighting
city colour ambience lighting
moving head deco lights
laser fingers
fairy lights
Sharpies for stage performances
Moving heads lights for concerts
4. Star Light  Effect: From RM1,500- 2 units 
Hundreds of Stars projected on the walls & ceiling.
Ideal for Futuristic Themes, Annual Dinners, Launches, etc

5. Indoor & Outdoor Water Screens:

From 20,000 

Click Image for video.

6. Sound System From RM 1,000
sound system for rental
High quality sound system for hire
 7. Mirror Balls  rental:
 20": rm 300               36"/3ft : rm 600                 48"/4ft: rm1,200
Mirror balls for hire
Mirror balls for rent

Event Solutions

From event management and  production to event equipment rental, call us for the right solution

       if you are having an event in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia or around Asia.

Video Production / Montage

Creation of video montage for corporate videos, launches, conventions, advertising, commercials, etc.

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