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 We rent various 3D Holographic Displays,  from as small as 6 inches to as large as 150ft. 
If you are looking for creative ways to spice-up the promotion of your products at conferences, exhibits, trade shows and events then hologram displays are a superb way to captivate customers and engage them with your product or brand.  Holographic Images & information about your product floating in mid-air will surely bring your product to life & its a sure crowd puller.  
Our 3D hologram displays are for hire/rental in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Asia. Call us : 017-8711197
1.Stage Hologram:  
Stage Hologram:  Excluding content
10ft x 10ft : RM 25,000
20ft x 15 ft : RM 35,000 
30ft x 15 ft : RM 40,000 
Ideal for Launch Gambit, Presentations, 
Theme Parks,etc.
LARGE Hologram for rent
Holographic Display: 
10ft x 10ft RM 17,000
15ft x 10ft RM 20,000 
20ft x 12ft RM 25,000
35ft x 15ft RM 30,000
40ft x 20ft RM 35,000 
Including 3D rotating logo & basic Holographic content - 45sec
High resolution images appear in mid air.
3. Holographic Launch Pad : RM 5,000  
For 1 unit 3D rotating holographic logo 
pls add rm500
For an audience view of :
36" Pls Add rm 2500
40" Pls Add rm 3000

As the VIPs place their palms on the Holographic Palm Pad, the hologram would appear in  front of the VIP - in between the VIP & the audience.

4.NEW 3D Laser Hologram  :

RM 10,000- 10ft x 10ft 

RM 12,000- 14ft x 10ft 

inclusive of 1 minute 30sec -3D Laser content & Palm Pad

A very new & futuristic hologram system for rent.      3D Holographic laser images can be projected in between the guest & the Vip on stage or the hologram can appear in the centre of a group of guests. 

This is projection is only visible 160 degrees on either side of the hologram projection.

click for video

Fog Screen : 8 ft wide 10ft high: RM 9,000
As guest walk into the ballroom, they walk thru a holographic still images of your Logo or a video.
Ideal for entrance into the ballroom
Hand Held Holographic Display: 
26 inches/65cm RM 2,500
36 inches/ 92cm RM 4,000
40 inches/ 100cm: RM 5,000
1 unit Rotating 3D Holographic Logo: RM 500 
Holographic Display:
26 inches/65cm RM 2,500
36 inches/ 92cm RM 4,000
40inches/ 100cm: RM 5,000
1 unit Rotating 3D Holographic Logo: RM 500

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