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If you are looking a professional launch expert to create a simple or an intricate launch gimmick for a grand opening ceremony with a WOW factor, look no further. 

A rental supplier for some of the best ideas & range of launch gambits. From a very basic Palm Scan to a very futuristic laser or video holographic display, we certainly would have the right solution for you.
We also custom design launch gambit.

1. The Magic of Lasers: 

This video will give you many unique & futuristic ideas on how to use lasers for indoor & outdoor launch gimmick/gambit for the Advertising & Event industry.

Click for video.



3D Laser Hologram Launch Pad :

From RM 10,000

A very new & futuristic launch gimmick launch gimmick for hire.                

As the VIP places their palm on the Laser Launch Pad, 3D laser images will be projected from the VIP's palm on to a special screen in front of the VIP. In the dark, it would seem like a Hologram- projections floating in midair. 

Your guest & the VIP will both get to view your product launch content in a 3D Holographic display.

click for video



3D Laser Launch Pad with a 2 way screen:

From RM 8,000

A very new & futuristic launch gimmick launch gimmick for hire.                

As the VIP places their palm on the Laser Launch Pad, 3D laser images will be projected from the VIP's palm on to the 2 way screen.

Your guest & the the VIP will both get to view your product launch content in 3D. 

click for video

3D Backdrops: New
Ideal for Launches, Weddings, etc
From RM 20,000


3D Multicolour Laser Launch Gimmick for  Rent 

From RM 7,000

This video will give you an idea on how lasers could be used able to project your company logo, tag line, messages & creating approiate animations to give your launch the actual branding it needs.

Click for video.

5 Laser Palm Pad  : 5 VIP Launch Gimmick: RM 7,000  
As the VIPs place their palms on the Laser Palm Pad, laser beams will be project from each of their palms.

                    Before Launch                                                              After Launch
5 Laser Launch pad before launch
5 laser palm scan on execution
Laser Palm Pad: RM 1,700  for product launch gambit.
With installation & Dismantling
                            Before Launch                                                               After Launch
                VIP places palm on the Laser Palm Scan                                Multiple laser beams are projected from his palm        
Single Laser Palm Scan Before triggering
Green Laser Palm Scan after triggering


Latest Launch Gimmick- 

Virtual 3D Backdrop: 

From RM 20,000 with video production

Merging Video & Laser technology to create a virtual 3D Backdrop where images actually leave the screen creating a 3D screen, an experience that is very rarely used in the industry. This is also certainly an option to look at if you want something futuristic, unique, state of the art for your event. Ideal for Launches, Award Ceremonies, Wedding, Special Events.                     Click for video
Creative Launch Gimmick for rent
Holographic Display 

 From RM 20,000 with video production

as a Launch Gimmick
High resolution video images appear in mid air.
Click for video
Laser Mapping for Launch Gimmick

 From RM 7,000

The laser interacts with a video, backdrop, led screen, structure, etc outlining Logos, Company's name, Tagline, Products,  etc. 
Click for video
Hand Held Holographic Display RM 2,500
Palm Pad Holographic Display RM 3,000
Vip places his palm on the mechanism & a holographic display appears in front of his palm.
Digital Signature Pad: RM 2,000
As the Vip signs on the Digital Signature Pad, he endorses the product . This signed image is saved as a Jpeg file and can be used by the client for various promotional purposes. 
Click for video                                        

Digital signature pad during launch
Touch Screen Launch Pad with video production: From  RM 3,500
As the VIP places their palm on the Touch Screen, a scanning video with graphics effects appear on a thin sheet of glass. It can be followed by the Launch video and all of this can be projected on to a large screen at the same time. 
Ad Ball - 15": RM 1,000 Advertising Ball for a simple Launch Gimmick for rent. 
Inclusive of Stand, Installation & Dismantling.
Ad Ball & Palm Pad :  43"x12"x12" RM 1,800  
 Inclusive of Programming of words,  Stand, Installation & Dismantling.
AD Ball, Palm Pad & Smoke Blaster: RM2,100
As the VIP places their palm on the palm scan, the palm scan lights up, the smoke blasts upwards & the the AD Ball displays the launch message.
Palm Pad- Slim- 43"x12"x12'-  RM 1,000 Simple Launch Gimmick for rent in KL.
Inclusive of Installation & Dismantling.
                 VIP places palm on Palm Scan                                                                        Palm Scan lights up
Palm Scan before launch
Palm Scan after launch
10 Palm Pad- Slim- 43"x12"x12'-  RM 7,000 Simple Launch Gimmick for rent in KL.
Palm Pad- Large- 43"x19"x19':  
RM 1,300 Simple Launch Gimmick for rent in KL.
Double Palm Pad  : RM1,700 - 43"x12"x12" Inclusive of Installation & Dismantling.
Double Palm scan before launch
Plasma Plate:RM 900 Simple Launch Gambit for hire in Kuala Lumpur
Inclusive of ,Stand, Installation & Dismantling.
                                  Before                                                             After 
                                                                                                      click for video
Plasma Ball - 15": RM 900  Launch Triggering Mechanism                         click for video
Inclusive of Stand, Installation & Dismantling.
Plasma Ball upon triggering the launch
23. Hydraulic, Ad Ball & Palm Pad: RM 3,900
As the VIP places his palm on the Palm Scan, the Hydraulic rises & reveals the AD Ball with the programmed words spinning
Hydraulics: From 2,000
Popular mechanism. Ideal for Launches & Stage Effects
Laser Barricade : From RM 5,000
Laser Barricade before it is turned off
Smoke Blasters: RM700 - 2 units
Smoke blasts up to 15ft in the air
Flame Machines: RM 600 a pair
Flame machines for real fire effects
Flame machines for real fire effects
Electronic Confetti Machines:  RM 600 a pair- Inclusive of Installation & Dismantling
Ideally used during the end of the launch, cake cutting ceremony, climax of a presentation, etc.
confetti machines upon execution
confetti machines upon execution
Sound System for Launches from RM 1,500
Event/Launch Manager: RM 1,500
Coordinates with the Emcee, Hotel Crew,  Sound Team,  Lights Team, Music Coordinator and all other contractors involved in the launch sequence and gets them synchronised for a smooth execution of the launch. He also comes with 4 walkie talkies. 
Music Coordinator: RM 700
Takes care of the welcome music, fanfares for VIP's, launch music, sound effects & background music.
Standby Technician - RM 300 - 12 hrs
A technician who will standby your event hours before your guest arrive till the end of your event. He will take care of any execution, triggering or breakdowns that needs to be taken care of
CO2 Machines:  RM 1,000 a pair
This smoke blast can reach up to 15ft & it can be used many times during the event.
It also gives a loud blasting sound on every release of gas.  Ideal during the beginning, the end or anytime in between the launch where you need an impact.
CO2 for stage effects
CO2 blasters for launch effects
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